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A Curated Guide to Zurich most chic and unique venues

This exclusive guide to Zurich showcases only the most fashionable and coveted locations for the discerning individual. Epitomizing refined and unadorned elegance, it presents the crème de la crème, leading you straight to the heart of Zurich's most distinguished offerings.

Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and unique encounters, each described with sophistication and accompanied by minimalist black and white imagery. Each location has been meticulously selected, part of a curated collection designed to ensure an unforgettable Zurich experience.

A true masterpiece, this guide effortlessly unveils the best of Zurich's dining and entertainment scene. A must-read for any discerning traveler." - Elite Travels Magazine

Your place featured to the guide?

"To be featured in our exclusive Zurich guide, please follow these steps to submit your establishment for consideration:

  1. Submit a request: Send us an email at request@zurichguide.ch with the subject line "Establishment Submission - [Your Establishment's Name]". Include a brief description of your establishment, its location, and any unique features or offerings.
  2. Invite us to experience your venue: In your submission email, extend an invitation for our team to visit your establishment in order to evaluate its potential for inclusion in our curated collection.
  3. Await our response: Our team will review your submission and, if interested, arrange a visit to your establishment. We will then inform you of our decision regarding its potential feature in our Zurich guide.

By following these steps, you are on your way to potentially joining our handpicked selection of Zurich's most elegant and unforgettable establishments."