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“The renowned institution Kronenhalle stands as a symbol of elegance and warmth since 1924”

This renowned restaurant is a favored meeting place for an eclectic mix of people, ranging from artists, gallery owners, and bankers to art enthusiasts and gourmands.

In addition to its exquisite and refined cuisine, Kronenhalle is also famous for its impressive art collection. Indeed, guests can admire original works by great masters such as Picasso, Miró, Giacometti, and Chagall, adding a unique and invaluable touch to the atmosphere of the venue.

The restaurant comprises three sumptuous dining rooms: the Brasserie, the Chagall Room, and the Swiss Gallery. Each offers an unforgettable experience, where conviviality and sophistication come together. The close proximity to Zurich Opera House, Playhouse, and Kunsthaus makes it a popular destination for lovers of arts and fine dining.

Kronenhalle's bar is also steeped in history, featuring an interior designed by architect Robert Haussmann, lighting by Diego Giacometti, and paintings by high-ranking artists. The bar offers an exceptional experience, with an exquisite selection of drinks served by a world-class bartender and his highly competent team.

«A mesmerizing haven where art, gastronomy, and conviviality harmoniously converge, leaving visitors inspired and enchanted.»

At Kronenhalle, the inviting, family-like atmosphere is the result of perfect teamwork, with staff dedicated to providing personalized service and attention to every guest. This unique combination of art, gastronomy, and warm hospitality ensures that Kronenhalle remains a timeless and captivating institution.

Kronenhalle has long been a unique gathering spot for a diverse array of individuals, including artists, writers, fashion designers, and celebrities. Its rich history and exceptional collection of artwork have drawn notable figures like Coco Chanel, James Joyce, Richard Strauss, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Chagall, Federico Fellini, Max Frisch, and Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The Zumsteg family, who founded and managed the restaurant, fostered a welcoming atmosphere that has endured for generations. The restaurant's guest books are filled with heartfelt messages of appreciation and friendship from its many distinguished patrons.

Today, this iconic Zurich restaurant continues to attract celebrities from all walks of life, who now document their visits through social media platforms like Instagram rather than the guest books of yesteryear. The likes of Tilda Swinton, Garry Kasparov, and the Rolling Stones have all dined at Kronenhalle. In keeping with its storied past, the restaurant maintains a strict policy of discretion regarding its high-profile clientele. Amidst the renowned artwork and delectable Swiss cuisine, guests can feel the spirit of the past while enjoying the unmatched hospitality that has become a trademark of this legendary establishment.

Rämistrasse 4, 8001 Zürich